Sleep Anxiety

Especially during these difficult times many people are suffering with Anxiety to a certain extent, is this affecting your sleep? There are so many things to worry about, working from home, job security, and money worries to name a few. Not only do these impact on your mental health but also how you sleep.


Anxiety can make you hold your body differently, you may tense in areas which can lead to great discomfort and pain. Your heart rate can be considerably faster than usual, leading you to states of panic and great difficulty switching your brain off in order to get a good night’s sleep. Not just falling to sleep but also staying asleep.

Finding the right form of relaxation in an evening is key to calming your anxieties. If you have a busy day job or many tasks to do the next day, Write a list, this will help control all those thoughts going around in your brain allowing you to switch off knowing you have them written down so no need to worry about forgetting. Read a book or listen to a relaxation app, this allows your thoughts to go off to a place that doesn’t include your worries and escape thoughts that are causing you anxieties. This in turn will help relax you enough to sleep.

Make sure you are in a comfortable cosy environment where you feel safe and calm, try using meditation or mindfulness to feel relaxed.

Exercise daily, this doesn’t have to be for long, take a walk, go the gym or get on your bike. This will release endorphins to help boost your Serotonin levels which in turn will help you sleep at night.

Finally, allow yourself to have these feelings, knowing they will eventually pass, and take care of YOU.