A guide to essential oils and aromatherapy to give you that better night’s sleep

The most commonly used essential oil is Lavender. It is believed that the floral scent helps slow down the bodies nervous system, reducing the heart rate and also the blood pressure. By adding a few drops to your bath of an evening, or spraying a few drops on your pillow before bed, will help calm your mind and body, ready for a state of relaxation.

Vanilla is also a key extract to help with anxiety and depression, it can have a sedative effect on the body. The sweet scent has similar remedies to lavender, helping to calm and relax the body and mind.

Certain scents can remind people of special memories and happy times, such as certain perfumes, or maybe fresh baking smells, helping your serotonin levels to rise and your body to relax. Our sense of smell is directly linked to our memories and also our emotions.

There are various other essential oils such as Jasmine, Sandlewood and rose. Try some out to find the right one for you, either in a bath, on your pillow or maybe a diffuser. We all react differently to different scents. Next time a scent triggers happy memories and positive thoughts, take note as this could be the key to your perfect night’s sleep.