Getting to sleep

Switching off and getting to sleep can often prove difficult, especially with the weight of the world on your shoulders. The best way to ensure a good sleeping pattern is by having a regular routine. By going to bed and waking at the same time each day will get you a better quality of sleep on a regular basis. The brain and your internal body clock will adjust and accept the routine as the norm.

As an adult we need between 6-9 hours of good sleep to help promote a better lifestyle. As much as we all think having a lie in and catching up on our sleep is the right thing to do, by not getting up at the same time this will affect your routine, meaning whilst having a lie in is nice, it may mean the following night you don’t sleep as well. Keep a sleep diary, this will help you identify what works for you and what doesn’t. You can identify triggers of activity that keep you awake, or certain foods you eat that disrupt your sleep.

Winding down is a must to help towards a better nights sleep, a warm bath, avoid screen time, and right that to do list before bed so you mind and thought are empty and ready to relax and sleep. There are several apps that you can listen to, to help clear your mind and relax your thoughts, which in turn will help you fall to sleep with their soothing sounds and tones.

Most importantly make sure your bedroom is a calm tranquil environment, where you feel calm and relaxed and feel comfortable switching off and enjoying a great night’s sleep.