More Storage In Your Bedroom

We like nothing more than helping our customers make the most of their forty winks!

By making your bedroom minimalistic and keeping clutter at bay, helps your mind relax and creates a calming effect on the brain.

Think about storage when it comes to buying a bed, think about the space you have in your bedroom and how best you can utilise your new bed, to make the most out of the space. Whether that be drawers under the bed or our very popular ottoman bases, where you have the whole base of your bed for storage! Ottomans are accessed by lifting the frame that the mattress is on, the gas struts make it easy for you to access the underneath storage.

The pros of storage beds are that they help keep your bedroom tidy, making sure you are using the space you have to your advantage. It also helps keep your room cleaner as clutter attracts dust, so keeping items in your bed means less surfaces for dust to land on. Ottoman beds come in many designs making your bedroom sleek and elegant.

The con’s of a storage bed is that they are heavy and hard to move, especially if loaded with your belongings, as they can be completely dismantled, it can be a bigger job if you wanted to have a move around with your bedroom furniture. But I would say the pro’s outweigh the cons as having a clean, tidy, minimalistic room, not only looks great, but feels great to.


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