Highgrove Valletta Mattress
Highgrove Valletta Mattress
Highgrove Valletta Mattress
Highgrove Valletta Mattress

Highgrove Valletta Mattress

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Extra Firm

Orthopaedic-style mattresses are specifically designed to provide increased support for individuals dealing with back pain. This results in improved care and relief for those suffering from this condition.

White Fibre Fillings

This product features a lightweight, high loft material that maintains its shape and is hypoallergenic. It provides exceptional comfort and durability.

Block Foam

Enhance your sleep experience with Highgrove Valletta Mattress, featuring a durable, lightweight alternative to springs that provides edge-to-edge support and maximises the sleeping area.

No Additional Edge Support

This mattress allows for easy bending or rolling, making it convenient to store in compact spaces.

Quilted Finish

Efficiently securing the outer fabric to the surface layers of fillings ensures a comfortable and even sleeping surface.

Stretch Knit Fabric

The cover of this mattress is designed to be soft and flexible, allowing the fillings to conform to your body's shape for the highest level of comfort and support.

Double Sided Mattress

The mattress can be flipped and rotated, making it durable and evenly distributing wear and tear when slept on both sides.

1 Year Guarantee

In the event of a manufacturing fault within the first year, the Highgrove Valletta Mattress will be replaced or repaired at no additional cost.

Turning Handles

Utilise reinforced handles on the border for easy rotation of single-sided mattresses, and for rotating and flipping of double-sided mattresses.


    Size Width Length
    2'6 Small Single 75cm 190cm
    3'0 Single 90cm
    4'0 Small Double 120cm 190cm
    4'6 Double 135cm
    5'0 King Size  150cm
    6'0 Super King 180cm