So how often do YOU wash your bed sheets?

Who doesn’t love the feeling of clean fresh, crisp bed sheets. Although we all have busy lifestyles, getting this luxury maybe doesn’t happen as often as we hoped. So how often do YOU wash your bed sheets? and how often SHOULD we be washing them?

There are several factors for when to wash your sheets and that’s all down to personal preference and your lifestyle, such as allergies or if you allow your pets on your bed you will need to wash the sheets more regularly. Keeping your sheets clean is important for your hygiene.

Think about what can build up in your sheets, when you sweat, dust mites, your skin cells and oil. These are all probably not visible to the naked eye, but they will be there!

We recommend you change your sheets at least once a week, they need to be washed at a temperature no less than 60 degrees in order to kill any germs, anything less and anything living in the sheets will remain.

Your duvet should be cleaned twice a year, as these are generally full of natural fibres, you will need to get these dry pretty quickly.

Do I need to wash my pillows?

Pillows also require washing regularly, think about all the sweat, drool, hair products that are on the pillow, this dirt can affect your skin as your face is on them every night. A little tip, by putting your pillow in the tumble dryer between washes can kill off some of the bacteria due to the heat.

When it comes to the mattress, always check the manufacturers guide, It is however a good idea to vacuum your mattress often, maybe every couple of months, always use the upholstery attachment with the lowest suction. Whilst vacuuming the mattress, make sure you do the surrounding area, the bed frame and also the floor. If you notice you are having to vacuum your mattress often, then it may be time to replace the mattress.

It is recommended that you don’t make your bed as soon as you get out of it, think of the sweat you have produced over night, by making the bed straight away this becomes a playing field for dust mites in the warmth. Keep the sheets back for a bit in a well ventilated room to air the bed.

In summary, we know you are all busy, but think about how often you wash your clothes after wearing them, so then think about your bed sheets if you are on them every night. So washing our bed sheets needs to be more of a priority.

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